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The Covid epidemic has changed the way we approach life. If you work for Elon Musk you may have to return to work in the office, but it's apparent that for many, working from home is here to stay. This phenomenon has driven up residential property prices in coastal resorts and smaller towns all over South Africa. This shift in working patterns has also lead to a proliferation of empty commercial offices and some retail space.

People are adapting to these new circumstances. The creation of satisfactory work spaces in homes, in coffee shops and shared buildings is a trend that is here to stay. Theres no joy in benefitting from escaping hours of traffic each day only to have to work in a cupboard. Clever utilisation of space adds value to your life.

The repurposing of homes, office blocks and retail spaces is real.

At East Coast Construction we believe in building great things.

We and our design and engineering partners are full of ideas on how to transform your existing spaces into purpose built beautiful spaces to enhance your lives.

Of course transforming under-utilised retail and office space into new and exciting use cases is an imperative for investors wanting to extract the best from their investments. At East Coast Construction we have been involved in some interesting projects such as the creation of student accommodation from non residential buildings.

Repurposing buildings is an innovative and challenging space that we are excited to be involved in.

Building Great Things

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